I am an artist and maker living and working in Bristol, England.

There are two strands to my work.

The first is geometry and mathematics which underpin everything.

The second is a sense of place. I have a degree in geography and my vessels are constructed as one would build a 3D relief map, starting with a regular grid and drawing on contour lines which form the curves of the container. Many of my baskets refer to, and contain elements of, a particular landscape.

I began making baskets in 1990, constructing vessels and other forms using willow, the traditional British basket making material. My work is informed by my knowledge of baskets and basketry, and has evolved as a direct result of this study, but my pieces are usually made using techniques that I have devised myself. I build rather than weave, and the long straight sticks of willow lead to line rather than surface or volume. I prefer the method of construction to be visible and honest, so the pins or wires that hold the work together provide punctuation marks on the smooth surface of the willow.

I draw inspiration from many things, including architecture, boats, jewellery and the art of the Constructivist movement.

Public Art commissions have given me the opportunity to work on a larger scale using more durable materials, and I have enjoyed collaborating with architects, engineers and members of the community. I aim to make work which rewards closer inspection as well as looking striking from a distance.

Recently I have learned some new skills including basic metalwork and enamelling. This has led to a change in both scale and focus.

My work is about line, light and shadow and I always try to bring to it a sense of calm, but not stillness.